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English for all

“English for all” is the name of the National Bilingual Plan which tends to cover every one in the English learning process. Liceo Colombia school has adopted some important aspects from this plan in order to encourage and motivate the students to learn English, but not in a traditional way, but creating new spaces where students can participate and integrate all the abilities which are required (writing, reading, listening and pretty important speaking) taken into account how the students enjoy using the imagination and creating situations to apply the language.


Liceo Colombia has demonstrated through years, than the English level is higher than in any other school, this is the challenge for us as teacher, to continue maintaining a good level and improving every day. Meaningful strategies are the basis of everything done in the classroom; experiences for life are the most important acts. The methods implemented are those which involve more than fulfilling worksheet, but the body language and associations with the students’ reality. Some tools are Total Physical Response, Audio-lingual method, but they are not isolated, the main goal is to make a mixture among all of them to create a real development of all the abilities.


Children from kinder garden until fifth grade are the main characters in the learning process. The first steps given by them are based on acquiring knowledge about main vocabulary joined to visual recognition. The practice and use of language is done through songs where they act and pronounce the known words. The process continues by acquiring new vocabulary and year by year, the students reinforce previous knowledge and apply structures which make them strong in contextualization and make them be able to communicate what they think.

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